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বুড়িগঙ্গা ১ম এবং ২য় সেতু হতে মাত্র ১৯ কিঃমিঃ দূরুত্বে ৩০০ ফিট প্রশসত্দ ঢাকা মাওয়া মহাসড়ক সংলগ্ন পশ্চিম পাশ্বর্ে আমাদের দখিনাচলের অবস্থান


Sreenagar at Munshiganj District

Distance from Dhaka


Distance from Motijheel


Distance from Padma Multipurpose Bridge


Filling Height

6~7 metter

Water Level in Monsoon

6.5 metter

Tanshir Properties
Bangladesh is the most populated country in the world. But the land of our country is too little. Population of our country is nearly 14.60 crore and the number is increasing very fast. In the circumstances it is easy to realize the housing needs in invoicing in the city every day. So the company is trying to solve problem in proper way.
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