Tanshir Group is one of the rising group of company in Bangladesh. The company started its activities in 2008 named Tanshir Properties Ltd by- 1994 company act. The company started its work with only one project. Now it's become a Group of companies. Tanshir Group consists of Tanshir Developers Ltd, Tanshir Properties Ltd, Tanshir Shipping, Bangla Touch, Tanshir Foundation. The company wants to establish itself not only for earning money but the company wants to build up the nations by creating working capacity. The organization had a wonderful vision about the nation. Tanshir wants to be a partner of building the country.

Tanshir Properties
Bangladesh is the most populated country in the world. But the land of our country is too little. Population of our country is nearly 14.60 crore and the number is increasing very fast. In the circumstances it is easy to realize the housing needs in invoicing in the city every day. So the company is trying to solve problem in proper way. The common work of the company is selling housing plot in large scale and small scale. Tanshir is the largest real-estate project in Dhaka . Tanshir bought 200 bigha lands near about Kiranigonj. Land owners became a member of Tanshir family. They didn't fell fear about Tanshir. Tanshir is the friend of land owner. A lot of facilities of this project School, Medical College, Madrasha, Community Center, Mosque, Park, Shopping Center and many other facilities.

Tanshir Foundation
Besidebusiness Tanshir Help the people by Tanshir Foundation. Tanshir Foundation build a Cadet Madrasha where thousand of student get education free of cost. Tansdhir Foundation has also other activities to help the people.

Corporate Structure
The overall management of the company will be with the Board of Directors (BOD). It will run according to the provision of the articles of association and the Memorandum of association of the company. Mr. Shamim Ahmmed and Md. Saifullah have been appointed as the managing director and Chairman of the company respectively. In addition to the management Tanshir Properties Ltd. has identified the following as persons who will contribute greatly to the success of the company.
Lawer : Adv. Jahangir Hussein will deal with the legal aspect of the business. He is practicing at High court for over ten years.
Consultant : One FCMA & CA Completed Person are Consultant of the firm from the beginning of the company. They have experience near about 15 years.
Auditor : Huda Hossain & Co.
Banker: Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd, Shahjalal Islami Bank Ltd, First Security Islami Bank Ltd.

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